Tropical Jazz Trio

With this new album, Patrice Caratini, Alain Jean-Marie and Roger Raspail perpetuate a musical conversation started around the centuries-old meeting of Africa and Europe in the Americas. Between mambo, swing and accents of Gwo Ka, the Tropical Jazz Trio gives voice to music defended by high-flying artists whose career has been part of the musical heritage for half a century now.

– NEWS –

New album “On peut parler d’autre chose” (French Paradox)

From the islands of the Caribbean to the continents of the New World, the three musicians mix skins and metals of African-American languages with snapshots of jazz. The singularity of the instrumentation and the multiplicity of interactions of the trio then opens up all possibilities. The deceptive simplicity of the subject conceals sonic refinements which the public is invited to grasp throughout a repertoire evoking the Cubans Chucho Valdés and Mario Bauza, the Brazilian De La Freire, the Latin forays of Dizzy Gillespie, the elegance of a theme from Kenny Wheeler or the timeless spirit of Money Jungle from the trio Ellington, Mingus, Roach.


Alain JEAN-MARIE (piano)
Patrice CARATINI (double bass)
Roger RASPAIL (percussions)


Soon on tour