Sylvain Daniel

Ten years after the formation of his supergroup Supersonic, orbiting in the orbit of Sun Ra, saxophonist-singer Thomas de Pourquery takes over the controls of the flagship, of which Back To The Moon marks the third take-off. Where we meet Mingus, a love story, E.T., Caetano Veloso in Kikongo, a robot and epic songs. Aim for the moon.

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Album released on septembre 2021

When he took off in April 2021 for the International Space Station, astronaut Thomas Pesquet carried in his luggage a playlist concocted by FIP. These include Jamiroquai’s Space Cowboy and Gal MacDermot’s Walking In Space, as well as Thomas de Pourquery’s Yes Yes Yes Yes and Supersonic, the title of the supergroup’s new album, Back To The Moon. Back to the Moon, then, for the saxophonist-singer who has had his head in the stars since his father told him when he was still a child: “If you want to go to the Moon, aim for the most distant galaxy.” »

is infinite, when it comes to erudite but curious creators. Thomas de Pourquery & Supersonic Play Sun Ra (2014) then Sons Of Love (2017) marked the minds of the public and critics, and provided the fuel for lives where the sophistication of the compositions and the virtuosity of the soloists combined with the eccentricity and communion, in an atmosphere of pagan high mass. Never two without three, the epic could not stop there. Back to the moon, then.

As far back as he can remember, Thomas de Pourquery has always had a passion for astronomy, as much as he was intoxicated by travel – terrestrial or spiritual if not cosmic. Space and the great outdoors yearn for Back To The Moon with all the more breath that the pandemic is pinning us to the ground. But the genesis of the album precedes the crisis. He draws some of his inspiration from The Bride, a 2018 short film directed by Vincent Paronnaud aka Winshluss (co-author of Persepolis with Marjane Satrapi) which features Supersonic in a post-apocalyptic world haunted by zombies, on a Soundtrack signed by the group in fusion noise. It also integrates the collaboration initiated in 2018 with Congolese musicians, following concerts given in Pointe-Noire and Brazzaville.

Finally, the compositions are imbued with a love story concomitant with their lyrical exaltation. That was before a virus crashed into this enchanted trajectory. The lyrics, written during the first confinement, sometimes invoke light at the end of darkness, between surrealism and futurism – Pourquery cites Federico Fellini and René Barjavel as possible influences.


Sylvain Daniel (bass)
Guillaume Poncelet (trumpet, keys)
Sophie Agnel 
David Aknin 
Johan Renard 
Anne Le Pape 
Cyprien Busolini 
Jean-Philippe Feiss
Olivier Augrond


28 September 2024

La Sirène, La Rochelle (17)