It took no less than 3 years of touring around the world for this album to see the light of day. N3rdistan has
exclusively devoted to live performances during this time, before entering the studio. Unprecedented mix of committed poetry and urban music. A first album on the edge of trip hop and music
traditional, with Arabic poetry as the guest of honor, thus opening the doors to the digital age.

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The group knew how to find the harmony between texts and melodies, the clever mix between text and melody, by dynamiting the codes of the genre. Never has poetry been so well served. Sober and powerful at the same time, with a sound specific to N3rdistan, this first album is the perfect combo between sought-after arrangements, exquisite melodies and exceptional texts, a hymn to the glory of the verb and electronic sounds.
We could not have hoped for better from an album that takes up strong texts, such as those of Nizar Qabbani, the poet of women, or of Nazek El Malaeka, founder of free poetry and great defender of the conditions of women in the Middle East or again Gibran Khalil, the author of “the prophet” on themes of this power.

Revealed at Visa For Music where they had a standing ovation, the group followed the path of the stage from Morocco, Cape Verde, to Estonia, passing through Lebanon, Dubai or Canada for an audience always more acquired. N3rdistan sings of the universal malaise of a people on the margins, who come up against the loneliness of screens and the coldness of lives subject to everyone’s gaze.


Widad Broco (machines, voice) 
Walead Ben Selim
(voice, machines) 


Soon on tour