Lou Rivaille ElliAVIR

Composed and arranged by singer Lou Rivaille, ElliAViR is an instrumental and vocal journey through rich, dreamlike sounds.
In this project, Lou Rivaille’s voice and Rémi Flambard’s trumpet intermingle, respond to each other and unite around melodies and timbres enriched by the trio formed by Christophe Waldner on piano, Cyril Billot on double bass and Maxime Mary on drums.
ElliAViR is an introspective, picturesque tale that draws its language from world music and vocal jazz. Lou Rivaille tells us fabulous stories between the real and the unreal.
A year after winning the Jazz à Vienne springboard competition, Lou Rivaille and his quintet are back with their very first album, REWIND, recorded in the sublime QDS studio (Anthony Joseph, Imany, Woodkid, etc.) and due for release on 13 October.

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new release
(Kyudo Records)
Release Party 08/02/24 Studio de l’Ermitage (Paris)

“The song hovers between two worlds, that of the earth and that of the wind. For the wind, Lou Rivaille chooses immensity, the call to universality and to the spirit, the horn of the herald, this color of metal and sun which connects the people of the road. For the earth, it clings to the living, with a delicious art of confidence and caress, the song of fire and the falling night. » – Francois Robin Created in November 2021 by singer and composer Lou Rivaille, the ElliAViR group won the prestigious national competition of the Jazz à Vienne Festival during their very first public concert, unanimously approved by a jury chaired by Anne Pacéo . Signed by the Kyudo Records label, ElliAViR is releasing her first album “Rewind” this fall, recorded at the Parisian studio Question de Son. If the English title evokes a return to the past, the album is more of a journey that crosses the different stages of a life, but also times and cultures. Lou Rivaille looks back on her history to become ElliAViR, and seeks to magnify the intimate to touch the universal. Rewind aspires to both exploration and introspection. Like a travel diary, the swirls of his story depict an interior world and pastels of soundscapes imbued with Celtic, Balkan and Nordic cultures. The trait of a beautiful acoustic union between adventurous vocal jazz, mixed world music, unifying and dreamlike pop. In ElliAVIR, the voice is an instrument in its own right where rhythm, melody, improvisation and phonetics illustrate a rich and narrative language. And in this already so assertive universe, a fundamental ingredient of the whole stands out: an almost alchemical union of the tone of Lou Rivaille and the trumpet of Rémi Flambard. Together, they play, intertwine, merge, twirl and share the lead with as much sensitivity as virtuosity. The duo weaves its captivating melodies, enriched and carried by the accomplice trio formed by Christophe Waldner on piano, Cyril Billot on double bass and Maxime Mary on drums. Like the five vital organs of a freely evolving entity, the artists of ElliAViR offer pulsations and respirations to music accessible to all ears and wide-open souls… The public just has to abandon themselves in the arms of this new hybrid being which brilliantly combines illusion, fascination and dreamlike.


Lou Rivaille (sing, composition)
Rémi Flambard (trumpet)
Christophe Waldner (piano)
Cyril Billot (double bass)
Maxime Mary (drum)


24 August 2024

Jazz À Chiroubles,