Laurent Bardainne

At the controls of his biplane, the cabin of his plane personalized with a painting reproducing the blow of a four-clawed paw, Laurent Bardainne had finally found him. Him whom he had lost track of during a fanciful escapade through plains and forests.

Orange dress striped with black. Lively, fast, bouncy. In the golden immaculate of the sun-drenched desert, her graceful figure stood out distinctly.

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 Prix Joséphine – 10 best albums of the year 2022. Clip “Oiseau” feat. Bertrand Belin on FIP radio, + 22K views.

2nd album Hymne au soleil (Heavenly Sweetness, january 22)
Victoires du Jazz

With a captivating tenor saxophone melody, one to which he knew he was receptive, Bardainne signaled his presence from the air. Even preceded by its reputation, the super predator is always on the lookout. The arrival of his master, he had anticipated it for a few measures already, since he had perceived, carried by the winds, the African rhythms which shook the mechanics of the flying machine.

Sure of his act and of the route to take in this ocher infinity, his eyes shining with mischief at having spotted the shadow that was going to accompany his effort, the Tiger began his race. And the whole physiognomy of what until then looked like a desert then changed.

Cleared by organic grooves and the breath of the Hammond organ, the way opened up for the Tiger as he progressed. His legs sank into the depths of jazz to come out covered in soul, the foam swirled from his chops, leaving hip hop crystallizations in his sandy train.

In this emulation with a sophisticated seventies aesthetic, where its protruding fangs only reflected the light of the saxophone, the synthesizer keys even ended up giving them a glimpse of the future.

Arrived at their destination, the engine of the biplane shaking with hiccups and begging to be cooled, Bardainne and his panting feline landed. Together, they contemplated the prosperous and dreamlike oasis, inhabited by this music that had accompanied their journey. The ears still of the choirs of Célia Wa, the spirit still vibrant of the story of Bertrand Belin. Fearsome for those who stray, the rays of the solar star had become those miraculous allies capable of giving birth and reviving life.

And it was perhaps not the Tigre d’Eau Douce (Freshwater Tiger) that had drawn him there, but Laurent Bardainne who had pushed him here…


28 November 2023

Piano'cktail, Bouguenais (44)

6 October 2023

Chateau Rouge, ANNEMASSE (74)

30 June 2023

Jazz A Oloron- Festival Des Rives & Des Notes, OLORON SAINTE -MARIE (64)

2 June 2023

Saison Culturel Du Pays De Loiron, LOIRON-RUILLE (53)

17 May 2023

Jazz Dans Le Bocage, Tronget

13 May 2023

La Balise, Saint Hilaire de Riez (85)

12 May 2023

La Mamisèle, Saubrigues (40)