Gauthier Toux

Associated with the new guard of French jazz, the pianist Gauthier Toux publishes today on the Parisian label Kyudo Records “The Biggest Steps”, his third opus as a trio. After “Unexpected Things” (2016) and “The Colors You See” (2018), and a musical and discographic career punctuated by numerous distinctions (La Défense Jazz Festival winner, Tremplin Jazz à Vienne, Révélation Jazz Magazine, Talents Jazz Adami) , Gauthier Toux and his acoustic power trio continue to find their strength in a collective sound and an epic breath.

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Concert 2023 February 08th at New Morning
Gauthier Toux feat. Émile Parisien

Last album released, The Biggest Steps
(Kyudo Records, février 22)

Reissue The Biggest Reimagined le 2023, March 31

Gauthier Toux was, not long ago, a promising young artist. And now he is knocking today, at barely 28 years old, at the door of the big leagues, joining without agitation the small world of those with whom he will now have to reckon. After an impressive detour into the world of electric and electronic music, a thoughtful and deep side step (“For a Word” in 2020), here he is back in acoustic business in a formula that has fascinated him since his adolescence and that he renews the trio in passing. By paying extreme attention to the sense of form, by cultivating an obsession with a collective sound that goes far beyond individual expression, the Franco-Swiss pianist is ploughing, with his new album, lands close to “For aWord”. This time it is the furrow of acoustic sound that he digs, with the same fervor that animated him when he previously weaved electronic webs to adorn his melodies with an unfathomable mystery. Driven by the same force, driven by the same desire to knead the sound material, here he is at the controls of a triangular vessel that goes just as far. Freed from classic shapes, each instrument nestles in the hollow of the others, and it is no longer just its function that takes precedence. Also we will hear the drums tell us melodies, the bass draw countermelodies and the piano offer us an implacable rhythmic framework. The trio is thought out in an orchestral way, exploring all the options, all the possible arrangements. Maxence Sibille (drums) and Simon Tailleu (double bass) are the essential partners of these daring geometries, which, at the same time, require audacity and confidence, intuition and mastery. If Gauthier Toux is a man who rushes, he is also a man who thinks, an artist sensitive to the din of the world, and to the paths of his soul. He searches relentlessly, he has found his own path here, which one suspects will take him very far.


Gauthier Toux (piano)
Simon Tailleu
(double basse) 
Maxence Sibille


31 August 2024

Rdv De L'erdre / Aux Heures D'été /// Ace Nantes - Association Culturelle De L'été, Nantes (44)

3 August 2024

Biarritz Piano Festival, Arcangues (64)

2 August 2024

Epcc L'astrada, Marciac (32)