Et Nu

Here is an album in every way unique, which takes us far, and whose opening deserves all the attention given to it by its two designers. An opus that is both wild and refined, with multiple layers that reveal themselves as you listen. Julien Herné is one of the most creative bassists we have heard in a long time. He has made his way, with, among others, Vincent Peirani, Eric Legnini, Michel Portal, Jacques & Thomas Dutronc, Tony Paeleman, Guillaume Perret… For several years, his refined taste for sound material has naturally led him on the paths mixing and artistic direction, where he already excels.

– NEWS –

First album January 2023 (Joséphine price nominated)

New single “Heart Big Beat” 
Album to be released 27th January 2023.

Lea Maria Fries was born in Switzerland, after solid piano studies, she devotes herself to singing and navigates with equal happiness between jazz, pop, rock and electronic music. Her passion for improvisation, coupled with an extraordinary talent and an extreme sensitivity, make her one of the leading European singers, a unique voice, with a singular expression. Everything was born from a challenge whose love has overcome the reluctance… A bass / voice duo, that won’t interest anyone… unless you really get down to it and look, in depth, for a sound, a color… This is a challenge that will take them far! Lea and Julien rent a small house in the heart of Brittany, in the middle of nowhere. They embark in the car a cargo of bass, some effects, microphones, enough to record everything… And there they are, facing the wind, the rain and the sea. The eleven titles of this album will be born from this face to face with the elements, in the privacy of this small room where everything looks out to sea… Very quickly the two instruments are augmented, sublimated by subtle effects that Lea and Julien manipulate in real time, little by little weaving their universe, offering us the promise concerts where we will see the textures being built in the moment and the sounds carrying our imaginations even further. The disc takes shape, around the challenge of a certain nudity, of an assumed minimalism, a writing to the bone, which goes to the essential, it however never deprives itself of subtlety and sophistication. In the end, a resolutely unclassifiable music, forged by two extraordinary artists, whose audacity, strength and talent take us to unknown lands… A journey beyond pop, jazz and electronic music of which only imagination is the limit, the beginning of a major adventure in today’s music. – Daniel Yvinec


Lea Maria Fries (ACI, machines)
Julien Herné
Stanislas Augris (drum)


Soon on tour