Inspired by the legend of Daïdarabotchi, a giant mystical creature straight out of Japanese mythology, so large that its movements shape the world: DAÏDA here sets the scene for the epic journey in which they take us, a journey with multiple destinies told in their first album “La Passion Du Cri (Kyrielle)”, designed as a trilogy. The pieces where exacerbated and paroxysmal feelings are expressed alternate with the “Cries” of the different “Passion(s)” that mark out this “Kyrielle” of stories. Sometimes revolted and tormented, DAÏDA offers musical journeys also mixed with dreams or nostalgia, like a great epic. Carried by this energy, the music of DAÏDA takes its source in the frantic rhythms, which flirt with the trance of techno music, mixing with lyrical themes and harmonies according to the flights of the soloists. Epic, the formation led by Vincent Tortiller, distills an electric and progressive jazz as it is invented and played today: a new French jazz, modern and lively which borrows from current music their energy and their efficiency.

– NEWS –

Upcoming album to be released in the first quarter of 2024
(Naïve Records)


 Auxane Cartigny (Keyboard) 
Arno De Casanove
Samuel F’Hima
(double bass) 
Antonin Fresson
Vincent Tortiller


Soon on tour