Asynchrone plays Ryuichi Sakamoto

Asynchrone is an explosive new collective of musicians from the Parisian free jazz and electro scenes, co-founded by producers Frédéric Soulard and Clément Petit. Both are musicians and producers who collaborate with a wide range of artists and aesthetics (Jeanne Added, Thomas de Pourquery & Supersonic, Urban Village, Blick Bassy, Tigre d’Eau Douce, Limousine, Maestro, Coax, Space Galvachers, Vitalic…).

Together, they dive into the Homeric discography of Sakamoto, icon of Japanese music, largely influenced by “European romanticism”, and his two idols: Debussy and Kraftwerk.

The group sheds light on the protean creativity of the composer-monument, beyond his famous soundtracks, with a breath of rebellious freedom and an infectious pleasure in playing.

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Sept. 2022: EP Kling Klang (No Format)

Sept. 2023: ALBUM  (No Format)

Sept. 27 : Release concert at Centquatre – Paris

“Asynchrone” by Fredéric Soulard (Limousine, Vitalic, Maestro, Jeanne Added… artitic producer for Thomad de Pourquery, Tigre d’Eau Douce, Lucie Antunes…) and Clément Petit (Space Galvacher, Blick Bassy, Abd Al Malik, Coax…) celebrates creativity protean of composer, producer and performer Ryuichi Sakamoto, mainly known for his soundtracks to Hollywood films such as ‘The Last Emperor’ by Bernardo Bertolluci or ‘The Revenant’ by Alejandro González Iñárritu, less for his leading role in the great innovations of music electronics and ambient at the end of the 70s’ or for his colossal work which mixes acoustic instruments, synthesizers or ‘field recording’

“The whole world has crossed swords with Ryuichi Sakamoto at least once: David Bowie, David Byrne, Caetano Veloso, David Sylvian, DJ Spooky, Bill Frisell, Brian Wilson, Youssou N’Dour, Robert Wyatt, Iggy Pop, Arto Lindsay , Bill Laswell, Alva Noto, Hector Zazou, Thomas Dolby, Cesária Évora, Deee-Lite, Amon Tobin, Robbie Robertson, the list is endless. pop, rock, world, new-wave, classical or even cinematographic terrain (his scores for Furyo, The Last Emperor, High Heels and The Revenant, Black Mirror left their mark), Ryuichi Sakamoto has never lost his soul. His acute sense of melody and beauty can be found in all his works, a colossal discography, from the most commercial to the most experimental.

This chameleon career began under the spotlights of mad popularity, on his land, between 1978 and 1984, at the head of the Yellow Magic Orchestra, a synthetic pop trio assembled with bassist Haruomi Hosono and drummer Yukihiro Takahashi and which peaked at the top. Japanese charts.

Openly pop albums, more experimental or strongly influenced by Ravel and his idol Debussy, Ryuichi Sakamoto is a musical river in itself. © MD/Qobuz


Frédéric Soulard (synthétiseurs)
Clément Petit (violoncelle)
Delphine Joussein (flûte)
Hugues Mayot (saxophone)
Manuel Peskine (piano)
Vincent Taeger (batterie)


29 November 2023

Amphithéâtre/opéra De Lyon, LYON (69)

8 July 2023

Charlie Free, VITROLLES (13)