Aldorande is a jazz-funk quartet led by Virgile Raffaëlli on bass (Setenta, Camarão Orkestra) with Florian Pellissier on keyboards (Iggy Pop, Guts, Setenta, Cotonete), Mathieu Edward on drums (Chassol, De La Soul) and Erwan Loeffel on percussion (10LEC6, Camarão Orkestra). This musical object rescued from the 70s rehabilitates a genre in the purest tradition of Azymuth, Headhunters, Cortex and other Roy Ayers, by adapting it to the modern aesthetics specific to our English neighbors: languorous rides, torpor and syncopation are served by a rhythmic assassination and hand-sewn keyboards: a groove machine so well oiled that even downtempo ballads would make Ed Motta levitate above Copacabana…

– NEWS –


After the release of their first album in the summer of 2019, the group signs in 2020 the maxi Summer Body / Breakfast in Space, an intense EP with Riviera accents.

In 2021, the group releases its new album, deux. This new album rich in refined arrangements, in line with their first experience, has everything to mark the spirits. Cosmic melodies mingle with ever more accomplished grooves from the quartet, all bathed in a powerful Brazilian aura. Both classic and contemporary, Deux is an album for brave souls still and always in search of authentic groove.

Favorite Recordings has accustomed us for years to chiselled productions faithful to the golden age of the mid-70’s-early 80’s, and has found its most valiant representatives in Aldorande and his space-funk. Helmet and wetsuit included. Weightlessness guaranteed.


Virgile Raffaelli (bass)
Mathieu Edouard (drum)
Erwan Loeffel (percussion)

+ guests possibles


Soon on tour