Photons is the new project of pianist Gauthier Toux. An essential figure of a new generation of jazz, he delivers instrumental techno inspired by his Berlin nights in the company of Julien Loutelier (Cabaret Contemporain, Sugar Sugar), Giani Caserotto (Cabaret Contemporain, Le Balcon) and Samuel F’hima (Daïda).

– NEWS –

First single “Dessine” (Komos Records Compilation)
 exclusive studio Pigalle to be released in November 2023

“I have always found a similarity between the trance of jazz and that of techno. For a few years I have been experimenting with mixing genres with the piano, synthesizers… trying to leave a large part of improvisation, so important to me. Playing music that mixes jazz and electronic music with quasi-acoustic instruments leads us to develop a sense of detail, shapes, textures and spectrum. Also, this project is for me the essence of this research, surrounded by musicians sharing the same passions for this music, in order to form a group whose aim is to make our influences interact, Photons.”


Gauthier TOUX (piano, key)
Giani CASEROTTO (guitar)
Samuel F’HIMA (double bass)
Julien LOUTELIER (drum)


Soon on tour