Leon Phal

Acknowledged as one of the most succesfull member of the new french jazz scene, Léon Phal claims to be part of a generation inspired and influenced by the great jazz tradition as well as club culture, hip-hop, nu-soul and jamaican culture.
Highly noticed to conciliate the jazz heritage and its ability to bring his music to younger audience, Léon Phal has been awarded twice in 2020, first by Nancy Jazz Pulsations’ contest and then by the national contest of Jazz à Vienne and led the band to perform to the most prescriptive national festivals.

– NEWS –

 Jazzahead 2022 selection

French Victoires du Jazz 2022

 Rezzo Jazz à Vienne winner

Nancy Jazz Pulsations winner

Jazz Magazine – 2019

Artist “Booster Shoot” of the year on TSF Jazz Radio in 2021

TOP 5 saxophonist of the year Jazz Magazine 2021

Leon Phal, leads a quintet straight from the hard-bop tradition (tenor, trumpet, rhodes, double bass, drums) and explores musics of its own generation, between house music, drum’n’bass and afrobeat. The quintet blends acoustic and electronics, jazz spirit and dance fever… the result is a symbiosis between contagious energy and rare elegance.


Dust to Stars has been recorded in Switzerland at Studio du Flon and has been mixed and mastered by Benoît Corboz, all time partner of Erik Truffaz, and released on Kyudo Records in april 21. He’ll also be part of Jazz à Vienne upcoming compilation “Past & Future” gathering the most exciting and promising french roster.


Leon Phal ( tenor saxophone)
Zacharie Ksyk
Gauthier Toux
Remi Bouyssière
(double bass)
Arthur Alard


9 July 2023

Free Jazz Marathon (nom Provisoire), Saarbrucken (66)

29 April 2023

Jazz Ô Chateau, Tréveneuc (22)