Adrien Soleiman

Next album fall 2023, first single may 2023.
Excerpts on request!

– NEWS –

New album in the next fall, first single in May 2023.

Adrien Soleiman DAOUD was born on March 11, 1984 in Paris. He started playing the saxophone at the age of 13 with Sylvain Sourdeix and quickly thought of making it his profession. At the age of 17, he decides to leave high school in Terminale class and join the CIM, he will stay there for two years and will have Xavier Cobo as a sax teacher.
In 2003, he entered the CNR de la Courneuve in the jazz department directed by Claude Terranova with Pierre Olivier Govin as a sax teacher and at the same time followed the course of the American School of Modern Music from which he graduated in 2007.
Adrien started playing young and he recorded his first album at 19 with the S.Mos Quintet “Play It Loud” (Cristal Records) followed by a second in 2006 with the S.Mos Sextet “Head Rush“. He plays in various groups: S.Mos sextet, Tony Tixier Septet, Jericho, Arthur S, Kaimaki, Phase380… He created DAD in June 2008. Numerous concerts in France (Sunset, Duc des Lombards, Studio de l’Ermitage, Festival de la Villette, the Divan du Monde, the Opus café, the Glazart, the Auditorium St Germain, the Show Case, the Festival of St Germain l’Esprit jazz, the Festival au Fil de l’Oise, New Morning, La Ferme du Buisson ..) and abroad (Festival of Tangier “Tanjazz”, Jazz Festival of Fez “Jazz in Riads”, Arab World Festival of Montreal, the BAM Festival Barcelona, tour in Turkey and Germany) June 2008 creation of DAD with Thibaut Brandalise (drums) and Maxime Daoud (bass).
In 2014 he created his personal project in which he wrote, composed and sang his own songs under the name of Adrien Soleiman. A self-produced EP comes out in stride. Favorite inRocKs lab in 2015, Adrien Soleiman signed with the label Tôt Ou Tard and unveiled in 2016 a first album “Brille”, co-produced by Ash Workman, a prodigy English producer who had already worked for Metronomy and Christine & The Queens. He then signs between reminiscences of childhood and passionate emotions of the striking compositions which allowed him to lay the groundwork for a career to come more than ambitious. A tour throughout France follows.
In 2021 he toured with Philippe Katerine, then Juliette Armanet.
At the same time, Adrien is also finalizing his second album and has recorded a third album as well.
Adrien created the group Hey Djan during confinement. Hey Djan unashamedly revisits popular Armenian classics, a space-time journey where past and present become one. He oversees musical direction, composes arrangements, and plays keyboards and saxophone. He has also recorded an instrumental jazz album which will be released in 2023.
Collaborations: Juliette Armanet, Malik Djoudi, Kavinsky, Justice, Arman Méliès, Bon Voyage Organisation, Clair (produced by Philippe Katerine), Marc Lavoine, Pi Ja Ma, Sebastien Tellier, Shiv, Mimaa, Philippe Katerine, Voyou, Amadou and Mariam, Holy DX…


Adrian Edeline (guitares)
Tony Tixier (piano rhodes wurlitzer)
Maxime Daoud (basse, synthé-bass, guitare, claviers)
Élise Blanchard (basse, synthé-bass, choeurs)
Marc-Antoine Perrio (guitares)
Louis Delorme (drums machine simmons op1, choeurs)
Arnaud Biscay (batterie, choeurs)
Adrien Soleiman (saxophone, claviers, choeurs)


Soon on tour